2 Week Weight Loss || Before + After || Weigh In #5

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{“en”:”You can see I’ve been doing pretty well it’s taken me a long time to get to this point it just took me so long to get into to find the right rhythm it took me so long first I started off going you know I want to get motivated super fast I want to lose the weight super quickly so I’m just gonna go at it as hard as I can and exercise a lot and never eat more than 1300 calories and that kind of flopped a little bit and that seems to be a mistake I make a lot is that I start too hard and I’ve burned myself out and then I give up so I’m at that point now where I have definitely started on my weight-loss journey I have made some serious changes in my body I mean they may look small to other people but for me it’s quite a big achievement because it just took me so long to try and find what was right for me this time because I tried to do what worked for me in my 20s when I first lost a lot of weight when I first lost 50 pounds and then I’ve gained some, well two-thirds back now and started her weight-loss journey again so I just tried to repeat what worked for me back then and it was not working I was eating like 1,300 1,400 calories a day and I was doing maybe 8,000 steps a day I’m working and I thought no worries you know I’m gonna lose weight really fast doing this and I feel fine and I I don’t feel super hungry and it’s working well but then the waitress was not budging so I stayed on 83 points something kilograms for an entire two months like if I’ll show you a picture of it it’s like eighty three point two eighty three point to it like it just goes on and on and on and I was like what is going on I should be losing loads of weight doing this this worked so well for me in the past but you know I mean my 30s now and my body has changed I guess so I actually had to lower my calories far lower than I’ve ever lowered them before to get the weight-loss going and then so it started to come off and I was able to then increase the calories a little bit to say 1300 to 1400 a day so I’m feeling really motivated by my results at the moment but I feel like I’m at a plateau again I seem to be reaching these plateaus really quickly it used to take me months before I sort of stopped losing weight but I’m finding that I’m having to readjust and and lower my calories and then increase them and lower them and and not keep my body at a steady state whereas I used to be able to do that in lose weight and in terms of exercise I started out doing a lot of swimming and walking and a bit of weights but my job is so physical that I’ve got so much attention and I’ve got muscular issues that are causing joint issues so I just had to cut back on that I’m still exercising but I’m I’m focusing more of my attention on what I eat and the new foods have been really helping me do that because when I’m at work I can be at work for 24 hours straight and not have access to my own food and my kitchen and I get tired of the things that I have meal crap that are in my freezer and also at work it can be a struggle to actually get enough time to reheat a frozen meal so yeah I’m feeling pretty motivated at the MoMA I just need to keep going with what I’m doing and keep adjusting when necessary so stay tuned to see my body shots which are embarrassing because they’re in an outfit that’s just so not flattering for somebody with a potbelly but I just I wanted to have her really I didn’t want to do the whole belly showing thing and I plan to use this later on like once I have lost it all and looks a lot better and then maybe it would be a bit less embarrassing so I should have done those and I should have done one with a t-shirt on as well because I mean like a sports crop thing in shorts it’s just so revealing so maybe I’ll just show screenshots of them side by side that may be a bit better and then I’ll show you the actual videos I’ve actually got in shape again so thanks for watching bye”}

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