I Donated $40,000 To A Random Twitch Fortnite Streamer (world record)

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We’Ve done 10,000 three times, we’ve done 30,000 twice, but we’ve never given $ 40,000 to twitch streamers. Every time somebody donates of me, you plays do it. This guy deserves $ 5,000 all right, so this next person is called chica. I’Ve actually played for night with her. You know she was pretty chill. She actually carried me to a W, and you know when someone cares you to a W up for tonight. You got to show them a little respect. You know boys thanks for getting me of that W thanks for getting me that W that one for tonight game, I am forever in debt to you, thanks for getting me that W that one for tonight game I’m forever in bed with you, I would love to Die it out again yeah. Is it sad that a woman can kick your button for tonight? No because it’s 2018, when we could be getting video games? Mr. Bean’s? Oh my god! Thank you so much for that donation. Well, the game and I donate another thousand. No, I swear to god. She dies she’s gon na feel so bad win the game and I donate another 1000. What you can’t say that in the middle of a gun to say that, oh my god, thank you so much, I’m sorry! Oh, I have almost 1500 wins. Look. Thank you so much. Thank you so much JK. What I’m sorry that is my girlfriend in the background who just screamed who’s watching the stream. I have to go harass other people later mate. Thank you so much mr. gates, so harass other people later Amy. Thank you. Thank you. So much for that donation. I really appreciate those. Obviously I can’t afford to give away $ 40,000 every week without help. Hence why this video is sponsored by honey, which is an add-on for your browser available on Google, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and basically it scans the entire Internet and automatically plugs at discount codes when you’re shopping online you’re gon na click. The link in the description of this video, you’re gon na click, Add honey. Alright, then, right here, you’re hit, allow you’re, gon na hit, add and boom. I clicked like, maybe two or three times it took. Maybe five seconds: hey Chris, you want a pizza yeah. Well, this pizza is $ 32. You know what look our convenient little honey add-on. It’S like the plaque coupons all right, honey I’ll hit, apply coupons! It’S now we’re gon na scan all of the internet and test coupon codes for me and if it finds one that actually works, it’ll apply it so honey found a discount code called save 25. I did they didn’t tell me to do this. I just picked. You know a random site, that’s actually pretty crazy, so it was 32 dollars. Now it’s 25 dollars simply because I spent five seconds to get the honey add-on and hit apply coupons. I save seven dollars, like literally some people make like $ 7. An hour like you. Could save an hour of your wage if you’re working minimum wage just by having this add-on and boom our $ 25 pizza that technically what $ 32.00 was just ordered? I can’t wait for it. It tastes so much better, knowing that I saved money so in this instance we’re shopping on this pet website and it couldn’t find a discount code. But that is good. If honey can’t find a discount code for you, then you can rest assured that there’s not a single discount or promo code on the internet. If there was one honey would find it for you either you save lots of money or you know you’re not getting ripped off. I mean it’s really a win-win. Thank you really used some stuff to organize my kitchen and, while that’s going, I just want to say that in case you’re wondering how honey makes money they never sell your information right. The way honey makes money is whenever they find a discount code for you. That works, the site gives them a little commission, for you know like encouraging you to buy things, but they don’t sell your information. They don’t do anything any of that nonsense. They just get a little bit of Commission for helping drive a sale to these websites. It’S a win-win, because these are discount code. You never would have found on your own like come on right here is my link to honey. It’S linked in the description. Click it right now and install it. It is free and will save you lots of money, though later in the video we get, the more crazy of the donations will get so make sure you watch the end, because this video is going to get really crazy, while you guys are out here landing in Fatal fields and stuff she’s dropping tilted towers. Oh no she’s, not nevermind. Alright, I have never been donated that much money ever I’ve been zooming for two years, a few funny few day it was like. Have you ever been? If you haven’t been donated that much money? How about this much money – I don’t know, I don’t know mr. Bies, I have never been donated this amount of money. Oh really done. Sorry, Chris was being dumb. Sorry, Chris was being dumb. Buta literally have no idea. How much that helps. Can we get an amount? That’S $ 5,000, I’m like counting it. So what did we get ourselves into he’s done about wet dreams? Dude? Are you kidding me? Let watching select the best thing ever like dude. What this guy seems like. He has a lot of wet dreams. I think we need to give him some money. No God, please, no, no holy shit. I hate wet dreams. Use this to buy more underwear. Oh, do look at his face. I’Ve been waiting my life for this moment, I’m gon na give you the show of your lifetime. My dude mr. beat. I want some cockpit [ Music ]. It’S really been waiting for this, I’m gon na wait for you. Mr. beat. I am gon na show the people in this channel what I am made of this made many more people like this and I like all rightie whence he gets $ 5,000. Let’S go okay, I can’t breathe I’m having a small heart attack. Eminem has taught us one thing on this planet, and that is when you get an opportunity you need to seize that opportunity. I need to show the people what you’re made of one. He also taught us mom made good spaghetti, whoa double border four. There we go baby, that’s what I’m talking about! That’S what I’m talking about. I want so badly to dance for you right now. Mr. beast materials, daddy, hey man, I got 270 wood here and I got 999 wood in my pants dude. I am ready for this. What this burger brush has to offer the world does he have some mad skills? Oh my god did you know, he’s shaky right now: [, Music ]! No! I hate this game so much. You got a 10 HP, 10 HP. Mr. beast dude! I am so sorry. Man, I’m unbelievably sorry, dude he’s mad, but I choked man, but I will still do this for you, my dude. What are we getting ourselves into boys? I don’t know if I should be scared. There’S warnings up. You are an absolutely amazing person and I love you with all my heart. I am sorry that I choked so hard when I should have carried that. I should have show the people since mr. B 6000 hard to come again. Oh wait, yeah look at his glasses. Mr. B’s 6000, it’s him and a hotdog suit, a bullish, Jersey and the gallerist always does so baby walk you to a deep, hey now that he knows we’re here. Let’S just drop us stack on his face. You are really good and underrated. You are really good. An underrated – oh my god, no, no, no you’re! Not doing this! To me, oh yeah, give me cotton roll. My heart rate. I thought we just spice some things up a little bit Jesus. Thank you! So much dude, oh, my god, get the dove for us. We want to see your skills look at those he’s getting shot by two different people in yeah, but carrots, this guy’s, like literally one of the best players in the world. They do it I’m speechless. I got sweaty fingers. I never get sweaty fingers from this game. Dude, but you know I cannot. Thank you enough. That’S that’s a lot of money. That’S a lot of money! [ Music ] bees did GJ daddy. Thank you dude. Thank you for the 100 euros. Thank you for the four thousand euros. That’S it for him. He’S really good at the game. I didn’t really expect much of a reaction out of him, but I just like watching him play this. Girl has ten viewers right now, I’m a tweet adder stream and yeah we’re gon na drop a couple grand if you want to watch these videos live. Follow me on twitter at mr. beast, whitey, i always tweet out streams. Would i do it and you can watch me drop thousands of dollars, live or even recommend your favorite streamer. This is not alright. It’S common quest, mr. Bies rate it. Why didn’t it pop up? Is going on right now? How about we haven’t even give him money, yet you guys already going hard 500 viewers to pretend to 500 viewers you for the raid. Oh, this is fun. I just gave her $ 1,000 she’s crying. Did she have a sense? A thousand viewers – that’s pretty late, you guys better pull my Twitter mr. B’s whitey away. Next time. We do this. We get like 20,000 viewers, yeah she’s, severely yeah yeah. What have we did her? It looks like this made her weak her life yeah yeah. You made her go ever her golden goodness what you got used down. Wait! Oh, no! No! No! No! No! Put the honey ad on honey at dawn honey, so I was just going around making streamers sing things, but this guy actually know who I am and he seems pretty cool. Also I’m American and we got a show, you know, show some respect to our veterans. You know the people who tried to keep us free. I sent him two grand I’m excited. I want to see what he says: what dude I’m gon na raid, this man, no dad got feed on the stream. I just tweeted out a stream he’s currently on six viewers. Let’S see how many he gets up to he’s up 200 viewers already, please be nice to him and watch a stream. He said you just wanted to meet. People have fun. I think it’s going so fast. My poor PC can’t keep up with everybody: hey guys, calm down, better, not break his PC gon na have to buy my new one. Let me take this moment to let you guys know that. May first, we’ve got some really cool stuff. Dropping save up some money. Little kids May first we’re dropping some merch luigi is bit. He obviously seems a little down. I hope this cheers him up. Why did we do a little Yugi again because he was talking about Mario maker? Are you joking me right now, I’m not signed in boy’s got ta sign in Rover he’s sitting like Salvador Dali’s. I feel like I can’t remember about twitch password, so I can’t type in shit mr., but what the heck dude please go home. This is crazy. What just tell people that honey is the best or never honey’s the best add-on ever honey like like for toast and stuff? No, no way better. The does. Are you joking me man, but honey. You can get your toast cheap. I wish I had a beer like you, people on us, mr. beast, ah, Beast: did you uh slip a digit there, man beast you. Let me know if that was a mistake. Okay, it’s not a mistake. Okay, now you’re fucking with me, I’m not what in a world all right, so I gave him two grand, but he clearly thinks it’s fake, which is fine. You know know where he’s met. Whenever you see this video, it’s real as your two thousand dollars. I hope you enjoyed it, hey guys, let’s see what this is. This is a pizza right that was valued at $ 32 with everything else you bought, that we got for $ 25 because of honey right literally just gave him $ 10 same. The music is too low. For me, the music is too loud for me to give you lots of money. Do you all know he’s taking this so difficult perfect? We do. I yes, no give it. Mr veestrate wow wow, wow wow here is my lunch money. So the problem I’m running into is I tweet out the stream and all you guys spam them with one bit. So my huge donation, never pops up. It’S been like ten minutes and he still hasn’t seen my one thousand dollar donation. So let me pose that. I’M no longer tweeting out streams before I donate, because you guys clogged up the alerts and then my donation doesn’t pop up. This is her first stream. Is it really yeah all right? This is her first stream. Let’S welcome her to twitch. Did you know that honey is the best browser extension ever made all right? We just sent her $ 1,000. Take a second did she yeah. I can’t, though she knows how that owes a thousand. I was our first donation ever. I can’t I can’t even right now her first ever donation by a guy that goes around is $ 1,000, their first extreme. Please don’t make sure we already do this. Another thing, oh, thank you. I will check you out on YouTube. Mr. B’s, hey perfect mission, accomplished. Sometimes I want to listen to a song, but I can’t find it and I found that donating a thousand dollars is the best way to listen to an old song. F is work friends who do stuff together, [ Music, ], wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait! Oh that’s! Exo, I didn’t mean that I’m just trying to sing a spongebob song wait. What do you mean Ian I’m dead now, mr. B, I think that’s first spongebob, sorry, I wasn’t thinking that way. Hey come on. You can say I need you to say deafness for friends who do stuff together. I’M trying to hey it’s song. Oh okay, f is for friends. Thank You. G game is G game, Gucci game, Gucci, gang Gucci, Gucci game, litchi gang spend ten rocks on a new chain. My girl lost to cocaine. Somebody once told me the world is going to roll me. I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed every day man’s on the block. Moke trees see your girl in the park. That girl is occurs. When the team went quack, quack quack, you man were joking. Let’S see, girls grow up yeah. The last thing your corn, in the Burger King burger, is someone’s foot fungus but as it turns out, that might be what you get. The earth is a donut, obviously [, Music, ], [, Music, ] [, Music ], since you guys are all here. I have something I have something special to show you guys, five grand for my own personal performance. This is that American song – oh sorry, [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ]; no, this applause to Daniel that was worth it. That was worth every penny. Thank you, everyone. This is a love, lovely country that we live in. We live in such a time running and living in America. I live in Canada, we’ll start off with an easy one: 1234 dollars Gucci gang. Can you make it where it’s always focused on me? Yeah I’ll see the donation one, two three four, you know I actually had issues with my camera. I’M not rolling, I’m not in focus yeah. What’S up Kris, make my focus yeah, so I’m gon na need some lessons on how to focus my camera. I heard you’re good at a technical support, hello. I can’t tell if you’re mad at me or happy now, one of you guys did she say Gucci game, that’s very crucial. I hope we got that you can Tipperary gon na be like you need to say Gucci game. Well, just will do a live one. Just like 300 did you say couch, it won’t work. Did you say Gucci game? I need it for my new album. We got it all right. She said Gucci game make sure you guys watch them, because the finale of it’s gon na be at the end. So whatever you do do not click off before the end. Oh, my god, you’re yeah! Oh my god. Yes, oh my god. I watch your videos. I literally hardcore stock, your videos. Oh, how can you watch my videos if you don’t have a PewDiePie chair shake my head? Oh my god. She watches my videos. It doesn’t have a PewDiePie chair at some age. These are real world issues. Right here, come on, obviously not enough. I can’t deal with this PewDiePie blasphemy. I have to move us if we come across any streamers, with a PewDiePie chair, they’re getting 10 grand on the spot. I can’t stand this way. You defy disrespect nope, you chair, no look at all these chairs. She has there’s three chairs in shot right now. Not one wants to, I know didn’t I already gave her the talking. I think it’s time we move on three things: install honey, subscribe and may first, we’ve got big things. Dropping May first so be ready for that. Mister besmirch, mmm yeah, so I’m gon na say make sure you, like the video make sure you subscribe, follow him on Twitter and Instagram and then later boys, [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ], I’m shaking right now, I’m shaking right now 456 is stupid.


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