I Donated $30,000 To A Random Twitch Streamer (world record)

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No surprisingly, that title is not clickbait. There’S this one streamer that I really like called space line and we’re just gon na drop a random thirty thousand dollar donation on them and just see how he reacts. I mean. How would you react if someone just gave you 30 grand you know? Hopefully he like cries or something I don’t know, but obviously I can’t afford to drop money like this every day. So today we have a sponsor and I’m gon na, take the money that sponsor gives me and give it to him. Like is an app where you can make videos with cool forty effects. I’M gon na have a video play right here. I believe this is a father and his son, and it was actually really well made, but it kind of gives me like a vine vibe. You could just like go on there. Anyone could become an influencer around there and basically, like sponsored this video, and if, like didn’t sponsor this video, I wouldn’t be able to give this random guy 30 grand and change his life. So I really hope you guys in return support them by downloading their app. I actually have an account on here is just mr. beast. If you want to download the app and follow me I’ll, post, a video or two up there, who knows you know the more I use it, I might end up liking it, and you should definitely give it a try if you ever want to make a short Video with cool forty effects on it, it’s a relatively easy way to do it. Here’S my first post on the app it’s me rubbing, grandma’s secret. These are posts from other creators. On the app I mean, there’s a decent amount of influencers on the app that you should make sure you download and check out and follow them and me, but yeah. That’S that let’s go donate this guy’s, some money, alright guys so the streamer I’m gon na be donating to is this guy right here space line, and I really like his streams. I mean he’s a really humble guy. Whenever he dies, you know he doesn’t really complain that much and whatever he does really well. He doesn’t really brag about it. He just says GG and honestly I really enjoy his stream. Like I watched his dream well, literally about an hour every single day. I I’ve really liked him, so to sum it up, I’m donating to this guy because I really enjoy his stream. I think he’s really humble and I suck at fortnight and would really like him to give me some lessons because he’s one of the top players in the world – and you know I want to get better so we’re just gon na start off with a thousand dollar Donation, you know nothing crazy, just slowly, work our way in, I love your stream, keep it yeah. This is only a fraction of what I’m gon na, give him and he’s probably gon na freak out dude. I’M so excited, oh boy. Alright, I said I said it. Let’S see what he says, I love your stream. Keep it up dad. What are you doing, what the hell, what yo mr. veces donated a thousand dollars? Dude a thousand dollars? Oh my god, mr. V’s, I’m gon na throw up see. This is what I’m talking about. He’S such a guy! Thank you! So much for a thousand dollar donation. You love! You Steve! Keep it up that dude, like I keep telling you keep calling me Dad, but you’re the road daddy. Thank you so much mr. B’s holy shit. That’S it such a stupid amount to give someone who did that just all right. Let’S do a round number two, let’s hit him, while he’s still freaking out we’re to ease it up. Dude he’s probably gon na freak out no problem. I think you are a really well dude. Oh my gosh dude. This is $ 5.00 dude he’s probably about to lose it. I’M so excited NP. I think you are a really cool dude. I should be happy dude dude. Thank you so dude. Thank you. So much for $ 5,000. Why would you do this much? What $ 5,000? That’S like my bank account. This is just the beginning, we’re just getting started in bed. I’M gon na give him another minute and then we’ll drop a 10 grand. Ah, this is so much fun Drive. You ever need someone to carry in for tonight I’ll try my best hell, yeah dude, let’s play up there once he gets this donation. What’S even gon na do hi. Here we go boys. We just did a $ 10,000 one, but I could use a good carry. Do you guys see that buckets? Yes, he’s that stupid about what the hell I’m gon na pass out. I’M gon na throw up – oh my god, that’s $ 10,000 plus 5,000 and another. What do I do? I felt we should wait a little bit before we hit up with the 15 moment see now. You know why I donate it to him so yeah. That’S some good reaction right there. That’S quality content, don’t need $ 60,000, all right way to do the last 14. He just donated $ 16,000 dude. What’S even gon na say, are you kidding me? This is the last one don’t worry about. It is the last one got a good sponsor for this video. I really like boy. I literally have our thing all right. Well, it’s pending. For some reason, I told him to check his PayPal, no, but cuz. I want to get the 30 grand but for some reason, the last 14 spending he just donated fifteen thousand more dollars, but he put the name giant Asian sticker gross. But it’s not just about. Oh my god. Thank you so much dude holy shit dude. He it’s like 3,000 viewers. He had like 200 when I started with the farm. So there’s this app called like they sponsored the video soon. We should probably push it really hard, since they gave me so much money uh tell everyone to download like so everybody download like right. Is it like, like yeah Li ke? Oh my god, you thank you so much. I’Ve lost my where’s, your dude, oh yeah. Let’S play some height, so the big question: what do you think you’ll buy with it? It’S not what I did buy it. I’M thinking I’m gon na be paying off my loans for school. Oh, my college loans, yeah, so I’ll have to deal with it anymore. You know you’re a full-time, streamer right, yeah full-time now trying to be a ball. I told you I did. Do you call it? You got mr. piece on this. What teaching me senpai, I feel like I’m under pressure. You want the scale I’ll give it to you all right. So south he’s. Thank You. Vexy the wall, I’m right behind you! Yes, an SMP. We go up this ramp, I’m about to build and look down. Oh, oh, you got this. I believe in you all right. Other one’s right on his dead body, all right now, it’s blue! Hey! That way. I had a perfect view for that. Hey did good call good call. Hey, I feel like this is how the whole games gon na go, you’re just dying, and then you shitting. No now we’re gon na be alive and we’re gon na win together. Jan you better, not be making fun of me, I’m insecure, perfect yay. He dances. No, I don’t have any. Not all of us get 30 K. Oh my god! I don’t want all of us to give away 30. They don’t like give away money like a lot of people say like oh well, you only do it for fuse and stuff, but yeah. It’S like it’s a lot of fun just to give random people money. Obviously you come over here. Wait. I just call you B star mr. B: would you rather repair comedies? Mr. come on oh yeah, I got a campfire goodbye, Erik wick and around the campfire song song, happy Patrick’s song song, alright, alright cuz. I already know: there’s gon na, be a million comments about it, so the answer is you’re gon na use it to pay off your student debt. Is that that’s pretty much yeah all right there. You go world like a fresh start. Take my girlfriend out to a nice dinner because she deserves it. I’M sorry, if you don’t mind me, ask I’ve been doing it since I was 13, so it’s probably good. Oh my god. That’S a long time, I’m still a teenager, I’m 19. What mr. piece wait? How old are you? I’Ve never actually thought about 1900, my god you are so young. Yes, are you like 22 or something I’m 24 geez yeah your stinky odor? It’S like people always have any alcohol, and I’m like that’s illegal. I think he’s inside where that loot is or it’s close to it. Oh nice, kober’s Kolby. Oh shit, get him! Oh, my god. Alright, we got ta, go, we go. We go yep, you’re, a beast! Calculated! Precision, boys, okay, but I think there’s a team right here. In front of us, I’m just gon na build up. Oh God, that one nice mister make them dance baby. Oh, I got shot from somewhere else up on the hill. Oh shit just keep building walls. If you can nice nice good wall behind you, this guy’s gon na come yep. What now you’re gon na be a big streamer in a year? Are you no? I are you sure, let’s go if you keep getting lots of lives, I don’t see why not? That’S the pressure, though you know, waking up every day and expecting 15 or 20 wins. For me. It’S really tough yeah. I mean like yeah one bad day. So, like I don’t know, people just start watching. It feels bad people a little streamer. Like me, you know, I don’t know less than a hundred viewers, you do one bad game, you lose like almost half it’s, it’s ridiculous. Is it for tonight such an amazing game, though it really is. I like the like. I really don’t like them h1z1 or sub G buff. The building aspect of this just makes it so skill based it’s fun. You think thumbnails are important at all. For me, yeah do something else are literally all that matters. How do you do? People have been telling me just use a pixel, something pixel. I can afford that now right, it’s mandatory boys. You heard it here. He must use some of the money too. Oh, that means have to cut stream shorter and embark on YouTube. Videos, no Spanos. Thank you. So much for that host dude holy moly everyone’s just trying to make this the best day of your life yeah. I’M really excited to upload this video. I think it’s gon na do really well awesome. I’M glad I’m glad. I hope it does really well man. I hope, for like sake, it does really well. It’S gon na be like on negative likes. It’S like always Asian. I actually, I just ate a giant sticker of an Asian right behind me right now. Oh really, what kind Asian? Whenever you watch the video? This will be in it and see they all right. Mr. piece, we got ta, we got ta tidy up and focus up wait. I thought your Vietnamese, hey, I’m Vietnamese. Are you joking right, oh my good, but for casual players that you know just want to play. The game for fun and I could see I’m dead – oh my god. Oh No fuck, oh shit, hell yeah! I did something yeah everyone watching this video comment, good job peace for doing something native. Did you fall? What you don’t mind? Oh no! It’S one dude yeah! I know I that’s our goal: we’re gon na play till we win a game for the video and then I’ll just cut up the video like we only played one game, but one is that, oh, that’s, I could buy a streaming computer. No, I yeah. We got it out of the wallet he’s gon na pay off, as he can do that and get a computer, but I’m not sure how to do it. I heard it’s really easy. We just connect like two hdmi cords about computers and once they’re strictly for streaming and other ones just playing your game. I had no clue that guy jumped over to our side my bad dude wait. You know what I’ve noticed. You’Re, really like positive person. You never like get mad, oh no! I get I get mad all the time. Just how can you get mad at today? You know yeah, you know and you’re mad you’re. Still like a nice guy. I want to see you mad one time if he ever gets mad check, clip it and send it to me yeah I swear quite often it’s a bad habit saying I’ve been trying. Not this we’re not swearing, gets better ads. Humming, hey! Let’S go over the visa right, mr. B, alright, beast! That’S probably not good! It’S why I was taken. So I just put you know: no people watching this video. You must watch space like three times a week. It’S mandatory all right, the bottom, the top guys. Definitely it’s so laggy man, I’m sorry, it’s so bad right. Now, that’s the worst way to go. I was just getting one shot at my like a sniper Falcon. You can’t counter play. They got a really good shot on you. I guess you could try to evade and it support really a force habit. There’S people in front of us my side, cesium yeah twice: let’s go mr. beast, something I have ADD. I feel like so judged right now, because I expand us. Is it the number one players in my chat like hello, like is mr. beast now also appreciating for 9 streamers instead of females? Hey, I don’t think people realize this too and those streamer videos I did males as well like the streamer. The video title didn’t have females in it like I did both gingers but everyone’s like mr. V’s, where you donate to hot chick or female streamers. That’S really entertaining I like. I did males to naked mouse at that. I saw one really chubby dude no, but I did do a decent amount, but like their reactions, weren’t as good. To be honest, so I just didn’t put them in. How can you not react to see somebody giving you like so much money? Well, those videos only did like three to four hundred, but like yeah they’re, like thankful, but like most the girls, like only three or four thirty says hello, all right compared to what I gave you. Oh my god. I hit that one. Oh I hit him. Oh you’re, these, let’s go. I guess spamming does work. I feel like someone’s gon na stab me. Oh Billy, oh wait. Did I trap you. I want to get hit by the grenades why’s it taking so fucking long. Please let me out. Oh my god. Let’S go mr. beast beast: oh my god doing it the whole video, oh yeah, people building a Southwest right next. 300. There’S a careful thought to peek for too long, because these guys could just get you. Thank somebody. Holy shit he’s got to move around luck. There’S still Southwest do you went down the hill over none though oh my god, I did not listen, they’re, actually getting shocking right now, so we’re good. This is our game baby! Oh these! These open this thing, nice, you get the last kill! You got that, let’s go mr. Bies, no he’s like one shot, hey chat, chat, we won yeah, be scary, carry hard honestly guys. I should only be seen be scary in chat.


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