Donating $100,000 To Streamers With 0 Viewers

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You’Re, probably thinking this video has to be clickbait dono. Well, look at this. This guy has one viewer, which is us subtract us and he has zero viewers stream vibes is on the drive second stream. Let’S link yeah it’s to just in case. Oh, no, it’s a downloaded leaf. Next one do people with sleeping kept the best reaction. Maybe we can wake them up, try to wake him up on a sleeping guy? No, no! No! No! No! Stop it. We got fruit to the serviceability $ 10,000, so we got sleeping who’s, probably not gon na see it $ 10,000 [ Music, ] dollars ten dollars, there’s three extra zeros. I wonder what he’s gon na do when he realizes it’s $ 10,000, not ten dollars. I don’t really get some new sheets feel like a sheets. Well guys, he went back to sleep. Sorry, great start! This is good content. Hey. They want me to donate the small streamers. What do you mean? Mr. Dees? You have $ 10,000. You really sent me $ 10,000. Is that funny thanks for the 10,000, let’s do a collab or something that’s the collab everyone’s way. Just me sleeping, it is guys sleeping together, yep, oh yeah, guys before we go any further. Let me introduce you to my children. This is Chris. This is Chandler‘>Chandler they’re, both body years old. Our next victim is this blue haired man invest, I don’t know if I did a hundred thousand or ten thousand hope it’s ten thousand best in Beast Plaza‘>Beast Plaza. Is this real? This is yeah hey. What is a mr. beasts? Twitch name 6000. Mr. v6 oz, you’re lying, oh god, dude no way, no way, I’m freaked out, I’m actually freaking out. Isn’T it funny how some people, when they freak out they just say I’m freaking out that’s their way of freaking out. I’M freaking out I’m sure mr. beasts 6000. Thank you for that. How many zeroes is that I said the same thing. I don’t know what to say. Thank yo. There’S another person in the chat we’re no longer the only viewer we got on board. Can you please um elaborate on what you mean by invest in beasts since you asked I’ll go ahead and explain it you’re, probably wondering where did this hundred thousand dollars come from? As you see from the screenshot, these twitch/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’twitch‘>twitch videos typically get copyright claims, which means I won’t get any of the ad revenue. So if I’m not getting any ad revenue and there’s not a sponsor on the video, where is the hundred thousand dollars coming from? I don’t know, let me tell you it’s coming from shop. Mr. beast, oh boy, that’s my favorite website. I’M going to start using shop, mr. beast as a method to fund my videos. You guys are investors by investing in birch, you’re funding these videos and you get dope hoodies in return, you invest in the stupid things I like to do yes and sometimes good things. Yes, so now I think it’s time to show them the great design shop. Mr. beast has the offer this first hoodie is on B’s. This hoodie is guaranteed to get you more friends, invest now. This next study is the classical beats. Logo. Hoodie. You can’t go wrong with this one, and this next hoodie is gold beast and it’s actually made with real gold. I don’t know why. There’S a disclaimer there, so yeah guys invested shop mr. B, so I can continue to do videos where I give away $ 100,000. I’Ve lots of big plans, but I need your guys and vast and finally, you can support these boys by using their codes at checkout. Here’S a list of all the codes, Cruz‘>Cruz, Chandler‘>Chandler, Bailey‘>Bailey and Ethan‘>Ethan – are the editor/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’editor‘>editors to reach the cameraman/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’cameraman‘>cameraman whenever you use their codes at checkout a shot. Mr. B’s comm, they get kicked back to the sales. So if you think Chandler‘>Chandler‘s extra buddy use this code and he’ll make some money, whoever, if you like someone use their code at checkout, will support them and remember, invest in the March. So I can keep spending lots of money. This boy has zero viewers and also zero frame rate, which means we should give him some money. Ask him to pick a number between one and ten and we’ll donate that a thousand the Beast pick a number between one and ten six thousand one and ten uh. Six [ Music ] Dave the ticking crime video, oh my god, dude nice. Thank you! So much don’t lose the game. It’S not worth it! It’S only six Chris! Oh my crying right now! I don’t want to do this. I’Ve never seen that much account. Oh, my god. Okay, thank you, man. You are awesome. I can’t even get my words straight. Thank you, mr. B’s man. Thank you. You’Re awesome, dude. I’M gon na sit here and try to play this last. Well. Zombie gets another thousand. If you wins, you don’t know how much that is going to change my life bro, you don’t really really don’t. Oh, my god see you guys. This is why you should invest in shop, is to besmirch see how happy this guy is. Chris won cuz. You can tell them to buy Mary’s particular I’m using the code Chris job. Mr. Beach, I’m gon na go there right now, I’m gon na go grab some something Wow. Can you find the donation button? Most people are like you, don’t have to do Nate. You can’t just like please appreciate it all right. Let’S make this guy’s dead, donate whatever you want to donate, you should get yeah for the record. Chris Crowley‘>Chris Crowley. Has the bus code uses used food critics‘>food critics me all right? Well, I guess we only have four thousand dollars left in our ballots. Wait so use four thousand eight out of the ten thousand for the bank/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’bank‘>bank‘s. Yes, let’s do I should go to shop. This would be 6969 yeah, your life, no! No! No! What are you serious? Are you serious? I know yeah yeah yeah. It was like Joe Weller‘>Joe Weller yeah little bit. You go to shop mr. piece and use code he’s doing it. What’S he doing it’s going to shot mr. piece guv and he’s using code? Bailey‘>Bailey, yes, he’s buying the box. Ready, let’s see, does he use Kamalei? Will Chris get a kickback wow? That’S some next-level strategy. You give him seven thousand dollars of your money, so you can get a kickback on the sale ability make sure you guys go to shop. Mr. B’s comm use whatever kind you want. Maybe it’s Chandler‘>Chandler, maybe it’s Bailey‘>Bailey in the air. This guy has three viewers we’re one of them. Christmas‘>Christmas bonus, the other, which means zero. Actual people are watching up, hey there, Delilah, what’s it like in New York City‘>New York City. Alright, that’s beautiful ten thousand. It is I fine. If he gets this killing is Tenga red, no kill only 500 go go, oh sure. Oh wow why’d. It take my perfectly even number and turn into that garbage. Look at that fake money, crush jerk, yeah, yeah right! There’S not you say my name: big donations, fake donations. Why would you even do that man like come on this money is mad. I just left the street. That’S gon na be bad! Oh joking, next up is this female we’ve done a few million. I’Ve never done a female anyways. You click the wrong link there, but you know the big one. This is donate. You know what his face is now blue, ooh coach/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’coach‘>coach handler it’s gon na, be I’m not gon na. Do that? Just because I’d already put into work, can you drop that to ten thousand for tax purposes, sir? She gets eleven. I was requested to tell you under ten, oh because if it’s over ten thousand gets paid by the IRS, yes well IRS. Here you go my accountants. Gon na give it oh wait, you should do all nines because we’re all nine year old guys it’s time to put Chandler‘>Chandler on the spot. No don’t touch it. Stop, stop! There’S a $ 10,000 donation. You got ta can say whatever you want and Chris cannot change it. What are you saying to this woman, you’re betting right, ten million people or watching you give her ten grand? This is what you’re gon na say. Oh that’s cool! You put use cousin. Chris, wait! A minute it says, use code, Ethan‘>Ethan yeah, it probably does not, because our editor/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’editor‘>editor is a single dog, all right. What really didn’t pop up she’s devastated, good, pink channel. You pick some. I gon na have notifications like dude. She went from zero viewers before power of money. She started from the bottom and now she’s here, hey Chandler‘>Chandler, Hey all right watch this! No. Why would you say that all right, let’s give her money? That was me well, she gets lots money, yeah cuz. We, like it yeah, get priority. Oh Hey: go to and use code Chandler‘>Chandler at checkout to use because you put a link at mutes links. I told you as a voice. So what happens when you use coach/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’coach‘>coach Chandler‘>Chandler you bring out the real in people. People lose their ability to speak. Sorry, I’m just like ordering that stuff right now, you better focus but you’re gon na want to [ Music ] start down. Oh that counts. Both mr. B’s come on. Come on baby! That’S like! Oh max! You better cry! This can’t be real dude he’s freaking out this dad came in he’s doing it them no face guys we’re about to donate to this dude welcome to my youtube channel and my twitter, mr. yeast hi um, someone donate this man. Tenth of those just say, mr. B’s gave me money to promote my code, [, Music, ], the other side of a computer. That said, look at this face he’s like what okay scream it’s gon na poop money guys. Is that real? I really know how to react. Right now is that real wait he’s in my heart right now is it is the in my heart Alan. He said: don’t clear my heart no way you guys all show me they want without no wait guys. Is that real they’re on top there’s there’s? No there’s! No way I just got turned on no mr. B’s bro is gon na react, as if, like I’m gon na, take it as if it’s real broken. Your way like this will be something to understand brother there’s a lot of people out there like that. That usually mean that troll postman, because you’re such a beautiful man, I have the all and all you’re a beautiful specimen. My father, I’ve been looking for you. My whole life you’ll focus up focus up, dude $ 10,000. Is it? I think this is like the real. Mr. beast, though, they’re like what somebody did you get donated that yes bro if mentholated, if mr. beebe, in your chat bro about my god, no do what happen at SoDo. Why my audio go out my left ear? Dude? What happened? I don’t know my my left here. My left, oh, oh, don’t forget to invest the merge.


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