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Pewdiepie versus t-series has actually been a lot of fun. People from both sides of the competition are clearly enjoying this look at this PewDiePie‘>PewDiePie gave 5 million subscribers in November, like that’s crazy, 5 mil on YouTube‘>YouTube in 30 days, never been done before. He’S raised a lot of money for charity and I think he’s a good guy and I want to support his charity stream so yeah, let’s donate to him, so we’re running into a little bit of an issue. Apparently, this GoFundMe only takes credit, / debit cards and I moved all my money over to PayPal. So I have all this money sitting in PayPal, but it doesn’t take PayPal. It only takes credits, / debit and all our credit, / debit cards have low limits. In case they get stolen, so yeah, I’m not quite sure how we’re gon na make this work, but we’ll figure it out. So I think we’ll do 5,000. It’S not a good way to start all right.

Let’S see it pop up, let’s see it. The thing is like he’s: probably not gon na react, he’ll, probably just yeah, I’m not expecting an overreaction. I just like beauty, but please check your information. Yes, this is him. Is this about my cards they’re calling regarding the recent activity that has appeared on your visa credit card become? I would like to verify. The online activity today‘>online activity today was go fund me fundraiser/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’fundraiser‘>fundraiser, yeah, we’re trying to get them together. Can you make us make it where my next one goes through? Please yeah, I’m gon na go ahead and close out the alert for you and just give it up. Alright, alright, maybe 5 to 10 minutes. It might work. I didn’t think we’d get anywhere near the gold. This nitramene looks like we could actually hit it. He says he’d be so proud of. You hit the goal. Alright, what you need to figure this out? Why is it not taking my card now that he went back to Bolivia‘>Bolivia, Hey 142, now what the Frick hat yeah, what the Frick avid crab song intensifies Crabbe song intensifies mr. bees. Thank you very much.

Mr. peace, I was wondering when you would show up beauty pot, can’t get rid of us like he’s just stuck with us. Mr. B’s God angel. Thank you very much, no problem dad it’s. The least I could do where would I be with that? Mr. Venus‘>Venus guardian angel of this, this channel, I will fight to the death to it. There we go it’s my. I shall wear this badge with the honor, be careful. I’M gon na shut up shut up, can’t PewDiePie‘>PewDiePie cross the bridge without destroying YouTube‘>YouTube‘s ecosystem. Let’S find out hi-yah, he crossed the bridge without destroying our ecosystem. I want to give more. I would help. Oh, please check your information, alright guys, so we went to the bank/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’bank‘>bank and we got out one of our cards up. So this one supposedly has like $ 20,000 on it. This should be fun. Hopefully it works. I don’t know we were just at the bank/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’bank‘>bank. They said it would. It is so difficult throwing my money at PewDiePie‘>PewDiePie. Let’S try to see it we’re trying to another. Four thousand euro donation by getting in trouble for this and it’s not taking our bunny PFI – is always cheering for 12. More minutes, it’s do or die. If we can’t give PewDiePie‘>PewDiePie money, we’ll give other people money to get paid five more viewers to give PewDiePie‘>PewDiePie money. I’M doing my best, I’m sorry beautify. Just what make you proud. Is this a bad thing to do also make sure you subscribe, because I was gon na shoot. I stream and donate a shoe right here he’s a what what go watch, gt5 stream and donate, also make sure you subscribe to thousand dollars for mr. beasts. Now that sound like the real mr. beast dude, if he pulls up p25 stream. Yes, we’re adding 20 thousand viewers to beautify stream. That’S right, poop! I love me raising money for Indian 9 year olds. Okay, I’m gon na make a donation, yes, dude. What what I donate to him and he donates the money to do it. Gofundme only takes credit and debit cards, I only have PayPal, alright. Well, listen! I’M gon na donate your two thousand dollars directly to coop. I donate this as well. I had to confirm because, like this as well, another 2004 mr. beef donate this as well. I got you, thank you guys so much for watching this live stream. Know Seifer with russia, given for graphics. No, don’t end it Perry sigh forget the donation, it’s so proud of you guys. The comment is gon na be this money is from mr. beast, go get it can we do more, and I just said so for another two good whoops mm-hmm, the funny thing is PewDiePie‘>PewDiePie has no idea. What’S going on in peopIe, solvency probably like what this was happening? Oh there’s, my other two thousand dollars mr. beast with another $ 2,000 yeah. We can. We can do more she’s, not streaming. You want me just don’t you want me just to donate directly to the GoFundMe. Yes just donate anyway: okay, okay, okay, okay! So that’s three thousand we’re to spend a few grand going around campaigning for PewDiePie‘>PewDiePie and then at the end of the video, even though PewDiePie‘>PewDiePie‘s not live-streaming, think I’m just gon na give $ 10,000 to cry like directly through their thing, all right. Making another donation of two thousand three hundred sixty dollars. I feel bad for a hijacking site for the stream. 20 thousand beers topic Twitter‘>Twitter, a decide, hey pay attention to us, you don’t have to do it now. You can donate it later enjoy or a stream dad. Mr. beast, you guys missed it. We just donated $ 3,150 through mr. visas money. He needed us as a middleman because they only accepted credit cards not subscribe to beauty, but I don’t feel bad giving these guys two grand, because I think this is also a charity stream. [, Music ], I don’t know they’re busy, it’s fine. Let’S find it. Oh dude, I was about to click others I didn’t even really sell validity. Is this a bad idea? Nope? Well, I get in trouble, but I just want to tell her to subscribe. The beauty buddy, you press the button. I don’t want to get Joe Christmas‘>Christmas donating to her hey here. We go bull, send oh there’s a lot of latest security. Pi, there’s a lot of money. This they subscribe to PewDiePie‘>PewDiePie and there’s a lot of money just to say that oh she’s not mad at us, no she’s, not mad. Oh, like you should use that space in there to say something good and you pick Oh subscribe to PewDiePie‘>PewDiePie. What is wrong with you? His name is mr. beast. He wants to play, he paid $ 500. No, no! No! No! No! No! So we’re telling them just viewers to subscribe. If you did yeah, let’s ninjas viewers probably will understand but ninjas a big boy like it’s not really worth it. Unless it’s like a lot, you know what I mean like yeah. He gets paid the big bucks yeah subscribe to PewDiePie‘>PewDiePie. Lord Li got known thing with the 5 of its brain, a theme of the 5 whoa. That’S not actually. Mr. B’s right, subscribe to PewDiePie‘>PewDiePie channel dude stop T series today. Alright, we just did another thousand. Are you trying to dethrone me from spot on number one? But you lose let’s, let’s put again it’s some kind of going up. Oh Sh, there we go that’s 100 subscribers nine-year-olds out there. Let me know if an effective campaigning strategy is occasionally donating to ninja. I’M willing to do whatever it takes. Varnish abuse is another thousand beast man. You are Stan. Howard said you are dude. I wan na. Have I wan na? Have a cup of coffee sit down? I just wan na I just wan na. I just want to talk for an hour and safety by a hundred thousand times of dude. Let’S do I’m kidding. I would never do that and I don’t know how you do that babe, a petabyte PT by P by P, by P, by P, by P by P 5. We need it. This will give us the cutting edge Peter 3. Okay, I’m done which know that I could have done it. The target around the 50,000 mark is where it gets hard. The piece your alleged man, honestly dude I’ve said this before you know: Puetz came out with a I mean. What wasn’t technically Tafoya was Gloria. Borger Gloria had a couple few choice, words to say about me: I wasn’t very happy about it, but I still support the pewds to be fair. Pewdiepie can’t be held accountable for what poppy, Harlow or Gloria volga says it’s not his fault, all right, epic gamers. It’S a new day and we’re not donating more streamers. It doesn’t matter how many streamers you’ve donated to there’s always more that can subscribe to pewdiepie too tragic after you do all of me on insta mr. Dees myself. I see him Sims from my cell following it, because it is bloke, I’m not happy. I just realized. I only did $ 100. I mr. beast. I can’t just do $ 100 after this we’ll do a bigger one door. I meant to do a thousand. That’S a pity. Laugh pity laughs. Okay, subscribe to PewDiePie‘>PewDiePie and after you do that follow me on instagram at mur. Beast she’s like what do I say: [: Music, ], let’s put PewDiePie‘>PewDiePie aside and all just focus on following me on Instagram‘>Instagram, and that means pop yep. Thank you so much for the donation. Dude all right. These guys are good. I’M gon na donate and ask for lessons how much do you think have to donate to get lessons from I’d say, probably like a thousand boys yeah? Actually we’ll do a thousand and one to ensure. I get lessons and I get lessons I wanted to be good. Chandler he’s really good at smash me and Chandler have a game going on tonight. Chandler fed his Easy’s that he could beat me at smash and I bet an Instagram‘>Instagram shoutouts. So if he wins, I shut him out an Instagram‘>Instagram. If I win, I get his Easy’s. We’Re playing that tonight I need to get good before then cuz. I don’t want to lose what crazy he’s a thousand dollars and his name is even mr. B’s. I have to be Chandler ez-zor uh. Can I get lessons? Of course man? Do you ask anything you want yeah whenever you want lessons we’re gon na do with you we’ll get private sessions, as was good? Yes, it’s your kind of shout out for Henze. Look at their right back to it very cool thanks for the money at all, but my pride well meet mr. beast: we’re gon na make you beasts and that was one gim me correct, beat Chandler. Does we have a duel coming up tonight, all right, Chris I’ll‘>Chris I’ll? Let you pick the mixture. What are we giving doom-trap good? Well, we don’t youtubers will do a thousand and two dollars because YouTube‘>YouTube‘s better than twitch/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’twitch‘>twitch. I told people to follow and now it’s time for YouTube‘>YouTube people follow. It also subdued us when you either shoot. We got mr. beast just doing it wait, no, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No way! No way! That is not the real mr. beast dude! You broke ChaCha, no, follow and stuff. I feel bad for using this guy’s channel as a billboard to promote my Instagram‘>Instagram no way, there’s no way, there’s letting nowhere. I don’t believe I didn’t get reactions like that on Twitch cuz. Everyone thinks I’m fake on twitch/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’twitch‘>twitch until twitch/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’twitch‘>twitch verifies me, I’m not donating to twitch/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’twitch‘>twitch streamers anymore cuz like no one ever knows I’m real on twitch/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’twitch‘>twitch. They always think I’m fake, oh, my god, the mr. piece. I love you, enjoy your epic victory boy $ 1000 donation thousand and two. Why does everyone forget the end? Paypal? I’Ve made a thousand $ 2 donation. I want the last two dollars back. Lele pons is the best youtuber. I don’t. Even I’m never really watched one of her videos. I just know it’s a mean to make fun of her. So that’s it see. Look at that confusion on this face. You’Re kidding me right now. No I’m not kidding Lele pons is the best youtuber. Mr. beast just donated $ 1500. I don’t even know what to also follow on Instagram‘>Instagram. That’S funny, I’m sure I’m actually shaking. I don’t know if you can see this, I’m shaking right now. I’Ll do wait! We’Re about the past certain subscribers guys, I’m starting to take Instagram‘>Instagram serious, though follow me part of the reason why my Instagram‘>Instagram so tiny is because, like I literally just started using it, I only have like 56 posts. Just 2200 yeah see that’s not even fair, she’s way more post to me. I need to catch up. We just took a picture and we’re gon na go. Put it on Instagram‘>Instagram, see oh nope got ta, go, follow me to see it when sitting also, I don’t know how to edit photos. So I have Chris do it if the Edit looks bad, it’s Chris’s fault. Alright, I’m done I’m gon na stop playing my Instagram‘>Instagram because literally in a week I won’t care. I just realized all the money I’m donating to these streamers would probably be better suited going to cry so I’m gon na stop dominating the streamers and just give all the money to the charity. Well, the websites down but sure. If I go on the actual cry website, instead of trying to go through a GoFundMe, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to use my PayPal, so I’m gon na do that and donate another $ 10,000. I would do it right now, but it’s not loading. So, whenever that loads up I’ll do another 10 grand to them, hopefully that goes to good use. Honestly, I have not done much research, but PewDiePie‘>PewDiePie seemed really passionate about helping you and he genuinely seemed to care and honestly like it does sound like it’s gon na change, a lot of lives – and you know if Peter 5 supports it. I support it. So I’ll do 10 grand whenever I don’t know hey, they won’t connect we’ll do it later, but hopefully you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you next time.


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