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Today, I’m going to talk about the top 13 PPC ad network sites. So again it is ad network site, so I’m not including social media, I’m not including LinkedIn‘>LinkedIn, and I’m not including Bing. I’M talking about places where, if you have a website, you can actually get money for people advertising on your website. Now, pay-per-click advertising continues to cast in more revenue for both advertisers and clients every day across the globe. Thanks to the highly competitive marketing business, you have more websites and more, I don’t know what to call them except they’re, just they own websites right and they own advertisement.
So number one is Google Adsense‘>Adsense. So on the top of the list? Is Google Adwords, so Google AdWords is the platform an advertiser uses right or yeah an advertiser will use, but they need to advertise somewhere. So if you apply for Adsense‘>Adsense, which is everyone on YouTube, is on Adsense‘>Adsense, that’s how they get paid. But if you own a website – and you allow people to run ads, display banners or even text ads on your website, then you’re getting paid by Google Adsense‘>Adsense. So Google Adsense‘>Adsense is the reverse of Google AdWords, and this is what we’re going to talk about the top 13 that you can pick from. So it is no surprise that Google was the most popular search engine, hence high competition, high traffic and therefore you can hopefully get more money website.
Owners can control the ads they want to featured on their website and pay and they can get pay about. The number of visitors they click on the advertisement, so when we’ve been talking about AdWords this whole time, there’s an entirely different side of the coin, which is okay. These ads are running on these random websites. Why would these random websites allow ads on their website? It’S because they get paid now these six websites – I own – I don’t have Adsense‘>Adsense on – I think, on God, really the YouTube channel, I’ve, Adsense‘>Adsense and MTG line that YouTube channel of Adsense‘>Adsense, but none of my website I have Adsense‘>Adsense, because I don’t want competitors advertising‘>competitors advertising. Of course, I can block them, but same time, man, it’s not Wharf D pennies. I would be getting from Google Adsense‘>Adsense next bid advisor/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’advisor‘>advisor bid like advertiser with Abby. That’S pretty actually smart. This is an Odin trusted network, with some of the best CPC rates compared to other small networks. If you cannot get approved by assets, this one is worth considering. So let me preface the audit well by saying this: you should get Google Adsense‘>Adsense, but if your content is guns or something violent or something I don’t gon na judge you porn, maybe like you might want to pick a different one, because Google is not going. Oh, you know: here’s a really good one bit coins. If you’re trying to sell Bitcoin, futures and stuff like that, then Google Adsense‘>Adsense is gon na, say no or if you wrote your writing Bitcoin blogs. So if you don’t get approved by Adsense‘>Adsense bid, tiger is kind of worth looking into, the CPC rates will depend on the traffic. It is as low as two cents to ten dollars per click. The advertisements may take the form of banner ads in text, domain, parking, search, tool, bars, etc. Next is info links ads. This is in text links based on pay per click sites. It is therefore suitable for individuals with text heavy web sites‘>text heavy web sites. So if your website has a lot of text very little imaging‘>little imaging a little video, this might be a good one for you. The current models are CPC, CPA‘>CPA and CPM. Next is revenue? Hits the site provides self-service for publishers allowing webmasters to get tags and make money advertisers also enjoy self-service, and yes, that is my sprinklers. You hear in the background, because 200 aam, I decided to run my sprinklers now, don’t worry, they’re very quiet for my neighbors. Currently, users can have ten different ad forms, including pop up ads, so Google Adsense‘>Adsense doesn’t allow you pop-up ads right, but other places do display banner shadowbox, no to fly fire slider, dialog ads and many more with a cast-out limit of only twenty dollars and pay out Through Payoneer PayPal and a wire revenue hits is worth considering next meteor net. This is a collaboration of Yahoo and Microsoft, obviously, big winners and the PBC platform. As I have mentioned many times, the platform has high CPC rates and is the alternative to Adsense‘>Adsense, especially if you get rejected again everything if you can get on Adsense‘>Adsense get on that sense and don’t leave. But if you can knock out Adsense‘>Adsense, then these other twelve are interesting to enjoy meteor net, ensure that your website does not have illegal content and you do not click on your own ads. So one of these things that AdWords and none of these people want you to do – is they don’t want you to form a clicks from India right so yeah, that’s important, so pop ads pop ads is one of the best PPC ad networks‘>ad networks and concentrates on pop-up And pop, under what or pop-unders I wonder, I notice the buttons like on viruses that try to pretend that they’re trying to update you, publishers and advertisers all over are accepted on the site and it has up to $ 14 CPC prop Eller ad, this fast-growing moat. I had no. This is a multi-level marketing scheme. Okay, I know what this is ad network sites that provide detailed optimization for each site to let you select the best performing ad campaign. The advertisements can take several formats, such as on click ads, video ads and mobile ads on CPM, CPA‘>CPA, CPC and CPM basis‘>CPC and CPM basis. An interesting wow, just a ton of these ad. Now, despite being a young website and now proudly serves over 4.2 billion pressings and on more than a hundred and fifty thousand global partners, the site adds take formats, such as content discovery product recommendation. Oh that’s a good one Prada‘>Prada I like product recommendation and effective advertising. What we keep weekly payments starting at $ 20, I’m almost certain into these other 12 – that I’m mentioning right now are really just used in India. I’M almost certain that’s from reading the summary of it, I’m pretty sure, because they keep saying cast out at 10 cats out of 20, like that’s, not a lot of money, for that’s like a Big Mac meal like. Is it really that or people really trying to get $ 10 out of this like, but anyway, pop cast pop cast? Is a poplar and specialized in pop under ads users enjoy high CPM rates, because pop cast has a lot of advertisers around or well? This is like global, so, okay, again Adsense‘>Adsense, but if you cannot get Adsense‘>Adsense, then I guess use some of these ad buff ad buff provides real time beating platforms for users and has high PPC rates for all publishers. All has a $ 25 welcome bonus clean ads in multiple payment options in automated automatic systems‘>automatic systems. However, there is a Bennett. There is a benefit. Oh, the benefit comes at a price ad buffs accept publishers with a majority of traffic from USA, Australia‘>Australia, UK and Canada‘>Canada. The site should have at least two thousand unique visitors per day, withdrawals or a minimal four hundred dollars, and users can also use Bitcoin as a payment. Oh nice collect your bitcoins. I clicksor ads with no minimal traffic requirement. No language requirement excellent customer service and a good referral program clicks. Your ads is one of the top CPC networks ad maven, like other PPC ad network sites. Ad maven has multiple advertisement match, such as CPC and CPM. I’M gon na pass out soon: Chicka Chicka c8i tik a Chiquita. It can be used along side other ad networks‘>ad networks. The ads are completely non contextual at all, but depend on keyword, visitors type in which results in more relevant ads, alright good to know again Adsense‘>Adsense if possible, if not possible, you can go one of these other options, bye, guys,

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