10 Insurance Marketing Strategies Working Right NOW

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It’s not exactly how I thought we would start this video Troy, but I mean is it working? Can you can you maybe break it down for us a little bit, please for reasons why I go door to door number one! The leads are free, obviously you just start knocking, there’s no cost to that. Just the cost of some business cards and the rubber/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’rubber‘>rubber on the soles of your shoes number two they’re personal. When you talk to these people, you’re shaking their hand, you’re meeting them face to face you’re talking to their kids, you’re petting, their dog and you’re, making that personal connection, something you just can’t get through online, leads number three: you can self underwrite the property. So if they’ve got ten vehicles in the driveway, for example, or pit bulls or trampolines, and things like that, you can just skip right over that house. And finally, the leads are hot kind of, like I talked about before there when it’s a personal connection, you have committed to, let’s say reach out to them.
The following day, at 6:00 p.m. you’ll already have sent them an email and a text they’re ready for your phone call. You will quote them and out of every hour of me, knocking I will quote three and I sell one. It’S better work, Troy, [, Music ] in the thing that is working for my agency is blogging content creation. I have found in all the years that I’ve been in insurance in general, let alone an insurance agency owner‘>insurance agency owner that the most success that I’ve had is actually sharing my story, whether it’s about how I feel about like a value of a product, about whether it’s ensuring Your crossfit-gym/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’CrossFit gym‘>CrossFit gym, whatever it is, sharing my story with people, so they can share it and then, in turn, want to work with me. Blogging is working for my agency. We’Ve used it on platforms to create value for customers, so lenders can share it. First-Time home buyers.
Can read it? It’S also saved us a ton of time and if we have customers wanting to know whether their premium went up because they had an accident, we’ve actually written blogs to help service and automate our agency [ Music ] [ Applause ]. So I realized that this has been completely beat to death over the past year. So but I want to talk about video and the funny thing is: we aren’t even really using it that much for outreach yet, but we’re getting there slowly, but essentially we’re using it to present our new business quotes using quote vids through advisory volved and by the Way believe the hype they’re, essentially how it works is that once the quote is prepared, we record ourselves reviewing the plan while sharing what we see on screen, then we upload it to the website on its own page password-protected and send it to the client for them To watch and review whenever they can and as far as results, it’s been incredible. We are closing just under 80 percent of the videos we prepared, which is a pretty big improvement over any other method. That we’ve tried and what we found is that people will tell you that they understand what you’ve told them that they get it, that they’re ready to make a decision, but they’re just not insurance experts‘>insurance experts, and so you know, after just a regular old meeting. You know they might retain 15 % of what you said and 14 % of that is probably the price. And so you know either that or they need to check with the old business partner or the board or the spouse or and then whatever little is remaining left of, what you told them is lost in translation. And then the only thing left to talk about is the price and then that’s how the decisions started: surance guy yeah. What do you say? No, that can’t be right. No I’m sure it’s gon na cost how much I’m gon na doing that! It’S crazy! If you were in Cleveland Ohio last month at elevate Ryan, Hanley said it best, you just have to give it is: I’m still getting referrals from a client that last year had a major claim. A tree had fallen in this house and he texted me at 8 o’clock at night on Facebook‘>Facebook. I was out with my friends at dinner and when I realized the severity of the claim, of course, I picked up the phone and I called him. He was grateful that I even did that that was step one when I realized that had that tree fallen, two feet more to the right that he would have been hurt or possibly killed. Of course, I start to get upset and thing and man we could have just lost a client, I mean he could have seriously gotten injured. I didn’t realize the severity of it. The next morning I showed up there. 7:00 a.m. probably shouldn’t have worn a dress. That was probably not the right choice, but I show up there at 7:00 a.m. with coffee and doughnuts just to make sure that everything was going okay and that he was safe, he’s fine. He was thrilled that I even showed up there, even though I was dressed in a dress, and he is not stop talking about how great of an agency we are since that day and the referrals just keep coming through the door [ Music ], but something that Works really well for us here in the agency is letting that client feel like family, and you know I know it’s cliche. I know it’s the thing that we always talk about doing you know sending a thank-you card and all of that, but going above and beyond that most of my clients. I follow on social media, and so, if I’m seeing a life event, I’m seeing them get married or I’m seeing them having a baby or you know. I can just see that they’re down that day and they’re needing guy, you know they’re asking for help or just prayers or whatever the case may be, I’m sending them a car. Just saying hey thinking of you and letting them know that somebody’s out there again. I know it sounds cliche, but the response that we get in the thank yous for that are amazing. You know the phone calls the texts, the emails, but go a step beyond above that go a step beyond that. To be honest, we started a year ago doing a text campaign in the agency as well, and what we do is just send a happy birthday text. You know huh, it’s really nice, Michael, it’s not my birthday, but thank you. I believe Zig Ziglar said it best. You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great, and this is so important when it comes to video marketing. You have to start one of the many benefits of doing Facebook‘>Facebook live. Videos is once I hit that live button. On being my true, authentic self, there’s no time to stop to rerecord to erase everything’s out there and I love doing Facebook‘>Facebook videos, because I tend to get more traction more comments, more shares compared to my pre-recorded content. However, I’m always going to do the pre-recorded stuff, but the Facebook‘>Facebook lives just helps me get out and about meet more people. In fact, I’m actually doing what’s called the local business profile where I go out and interview local business owners, I’m getting to know more about the business more about them. They’Re sharing these videos on their personal as well as their business page, and I’m sharing this information. As well, so it’s a win-win for both parties that are involved. Definitely the real deal just hopping on Facebook‘>Facebook live here. If you want to be a part of doing this, is this? Is gon na be for the vlog just demonstrating how really cool live? Video is because it’s amazing that you can hit a button and people are going to show up, live video you can it just immediately connects you with the people. You want to talk to John. What’S up man good to see ya, I don’t know we got four people always commenting on four. Thank you John. I appreciate you keeping track of mine [ Music ], so something that works for us from a marketing standpoint is an active participation in our local trade association and for us that Association is the Builders Association‘>Builders Association here in Indianapolis‘>Indianapolis and we’ve just found over the years. We’Ve been members for 15 plus years. We found that they’re, just a really good fit for us and reason being is one all three of us in the office have had in a prior life construction experience and to whatever capacity varying capacities, but we’ve been in the industry, and we can talk the talk And we can relate to the members, so that is huge and also we enjoy hanging out with these people like their friends, and we really it’s important. It’S important to. If you’re gon na spend a lot of time and money with this group, then you got ta enjoy [ Music ], who says you can’t have fun with the people. You do business with since going live with our website. In 2011, each year we have doubled our new business production year after year, and it is our magic bullet. It is what has made us successful over the last 10 years yeah, and it’s amazing that we can put this site out there. We figured yeah we’re not. We weren’t didn’t have a big wedding present and we put it out there and it’s amazing how many people that are in our own community actually find us online, and I have some stats here, but I printed them so long. I put my cheaters on here, so we first went live back in 2011 and we were getting roughly 200 people a month to our website. That’S awful! So we’ve gradually moved that up and as of 2017 we’ve gotten six. We got sixteen hundred and fifty visitors per month organically, and then this year we actually jumped that up to almost 28 2,700 organic visitors per month. So this work behind that it’s not a magic bullet like she said nothing magic, but we really focus on SEO. We focus on our product pages, we focus on our blogs and a lot of our blogs now answer questions that our CSRs are frequently asked by our customers and prospects Jane, it seems. Thank you. Websites are important and you guys have been at it for a long time. I think that probably has something to do with it. I mean you said 2011 and you know that’s seven years that you’ve had to get ahead to build the authority to build your presence to help people figure out if they wanted to business with you honestly, I don’t think we’re gon na say that I thought I Thought I was kind of curious cuz. I kind of want to know [, Music, ], so many motorcycles, so many motorcycles, birds screaming everywhere, websites, they’re important, there’s, really only one strategy, that’s working regularly and our marketing strategy that has been working. It’S been working, the last couple of years is content creation. Now I specifically have had the most success with blogging or written word content. We do do video as well, but I’ll be honest with you. I haven’t had a huge viral success from videos. We do very well with our content and SEO game, but I hope to include video and kind of get some more traffic from that end in a future. But once again my insurance marketing tactic‘>insurance marketing tactic, that’s working today in 2018, blogging content creation, content marketing works all day. Every day, even when I’m sleeping, we still have people searching finding us on Google‘>Google generating leads for the business so early on Zack and I found our niche the home buying experience was where we wanted to be experts in so we started building referral networks‘>referral networks around mortgage Brokers, Realtors and attorneys, and once we amassed a huge number of these partners to get referrals and to stay top of mind, it required a lot of face time. We’D go out for coffees, lunches, dinners presentations after drinks. All the time required a ton of effort to stay top of line, and if referrals dip down we jumped in and said, hey, let’s meet up what we changed in the last couple of years. Is we started being way more heavy on social talking to our referral partners and to people who potentially want to send us business as opposed to working only on social, highlighting or culture, and our brand that has had an effect? We don’t have to take these meetings that match this reference and go each and every day, every meal, every coffee out to referral partners, we’re able now to talk to the masses in one message: it’s really working for us because it gets our most valuable asset, which Is time back to Matt 9 amen, Bob lon‘>Bob lon, [, Music ] certainly beats putting all the miles on the car, and that’s I mean so. This is I love. I love so much what Matt and Zack have done at GNN because they took a one-to-one sale and they focused on scaling it kind of face to face, but a one-to-many sales. So they were focused on you know: building those relationships from the start with real estate agents‘>real estate agents and mortgage brokers. But then they realized, hey, listen. We don’t need to go face to face with that one-to-many relationship. We can go one-to-many scale that and then it’s a compounding effect of the scaling, so they were already scaling beyond the one to one sale right, the I am in the insurance agent‘>insurance agent. You are the insurance consumer‘>insurance consumer. They were bringing those those warm referrals to their agency. They had built that Network, but then once they decided to, you know amplify that through social media through video marketing through content. It took upon a life of its own and I think I think that is definitely a strategy that has gotten dramatically untapped and I think we’ll only need to explore more of and outside of just the referral marketing mortgage broker‘>referral marketing mortgage broker traditional partnerships. I think there’s plenty of room for insert center of influence to be targeted through these content strategies that we always talked about:

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