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[Music] you [Music] well my friends welcome to LA talk another great show we’re gonna give you a lot of great information believe me today you’re gonna get a lot of good information of course slot talk is brought to you by the celestial law firm phones on this phone numbers on the screen websites on the screen Slusser law comm five seven zero four five three zero four six three now well attorney Slusser thanks for coming on the show again thank you for having me back dynamite show last time there was dynamite you know a lot of people responded to the the automobiles and it’s it cetera I find you know as we’re going through this shows a lot of people you know watch a show and respond to the show one of the things that you’ve talked about it we mentioned before is and here again it’s like being redundant but it pays to be redundant and I want you to listen to this folks please listen to this your auto insurance okay if you know where it’s at go and get it right now go and get your auto insurance right now and we’ll tell you how you could probably save a lot of aggravation a lot of money so let’s talk about that auto insurance again it’s called full tort now talk me through this okay let’s assume I now went and I got my auto insurance and it says the declarations aren’t okay and it says limited tort right okay now the reason I bought limited tort is because it’s cheaper and I wanted to save money okay know why is limited tort a bad thing because well so here’s the thing it’s a bad thing if you can afford to have full tort and typically when you talk with your agent and you do the math and you figure out what you’re saving and what you’re what you would spend for full tort you’re gonna realize that the saving typically is not that substantial especially compared to what you’re giving up and when you’re giving up sama your rights and your right we’ve talked about this several times now and it it I don’t I don’t mean to harp on this but it really is that important and I’m gonna explain why we’re talking about this again today I had another friend of mine just a week ago come up to me and say Chris I am ashamed to tell you this I’ve watched your show and I have watched you and Sam talk about four Turin limited tort and you know we’ve kind of joked about it amongst our friends because you’ve talked about this a few times on your show and but the reality is and then why I’m ashamed to talk about you talk about this with you now is because when I went to my insurance agent to renew some other policies we pulled that the declarations page and I didn’t have full tort I didn’t have appropriate underinsured coverage I didn’t have appropriate liability coverage so it’s a prime example of someone again who was he’s watched our shows he’s a personal friend of mine we’ve had personal conversations about this and still didn’t realize he wasn’t properly insured what you’re giving up when you have limited tort is you’re giving up your ability to bring a claim in many situations for personal injury for the pain and suffering that comes along with that limited tort restricts you to only being able to bring claims for pain and suffering in Pennsylvania if the injuries are what are considered a serious injury or disabling injury if if you have an injury that is to you limiting and very problematic as you deal with it on a daily basis and your neck or back hurts you from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed but you don’t have a herniated disc and you may not be a surgical candidate in those cases you still may be giving up your right to bring a claim for pain and suffering so it’s extremely important in Pennsylvania that you look at your policy and make sure that if you can afford it you’ve got a full tort insurance okay so here’s here’s a case scenario unfortunately and these are facts there’s a knot mold I told you about a friend of mine who wondered who was looking for hiring people and part of the process was that they had to drive a vehicle I’m gonna say about 30-some people applied for the job okay of the thirty some people twenty-eight of them did not have insurance we have people driving around that do not have insurance or they’ll do the minimum just to get by etc so how dangerous is that okay when that person hits you or there’s an accident all right and you and you have a limited tort well that situation is actually even more important to make sure that you’ve got underinsured and uninsured protection because at that individual who hurts you who injures you doesn’t have insurance and you don’t have the under own insurance on your policy your ability to collect anything has has kind of gone away Wow reason being Wow person who hurt you has no insurance typically means they don’t have any assets to pursue either your other remedy and ability to to recoup a recovery for your injury is to make a claim against your own policy if you have under or uninsured protection you have the ability to insure yourself against that driver who doesn’t have insurance you understand what I mean so if they don’t have insurance you’re injured you’re out of work for several months you have permanent injuries to your neck or back where do you recover that from if he doesn’t have insurance so she doesn’t have insurance the answer is nowhere there’s no state fund from which to recover those those those monies it’s only going to be recovered if you have under an uninsured protection on your policy so you’ve got to look at your declarations page talk with your agent to make sure you’ve got that coverage in place my friends please look at your auto insurance wherever it’s at go and get it look at it if you have limited tort please call your agency get full tort this I’m sure I know people tell me but I’m sure what you seeing these sad stories where people did not have full tort and and and and personal was an accident have insurance it’s it’s it’s devastating it really is now we come into another area okay I learned a lot of these shows you know I get free legal advice negligent entrustment right that’s the first word I remember that’s the first time I heard of that negligent entrustment well when I mentioned it to you before the show what did you say what is that what is that right most people have almost all people have the same response so negligent entrustment is something that I thought was an interesting topic for us to talk about with the viewers because it comes up in these auto cases fairly regularly and what it means is if you lend your vehicle for use to someone else you may have liability for an accident that they caused if you knew that they were a risky driver so to speak okay so here’s a factual situation you lend your vehicle to your friend knowing that your friend has a suspended license and two previous DUIs and you give them the keys across the bar on a Friday night and say here you can take my vehicle to go run that errand or to pick so-and-so up to bring them back knowing that they had that driving record and that propensity and those issues can lend itself to a claim against you for what’s called negligent entrustment which means you’ve negligently entrusted your vehicle to the care of someone else and then they go out and hurt someone using your vehicle that could bring liability back to you that’s a difficult thing I’ll tell you why if someone comes in is a friend of yours and says hey Sam could I could I use the car you know I like to run down and get something from this thing oh yeah okay Jimmy but make sure you bring it back okay now do I say do you have insurance do you have any DUI I mean like it puts me in a particular predictable here right so in in a perfect world you’re gonna do that let me see your driver’s license is it active yeah let me see your certificate of coverage right the reality is the practical reality is that most of the cases that present themselves with these negligent entrustment claims come out of the situations where I’ve told you we’re there the facts are egregious where the individual said yeah Tom go ahead think my vehicle knowing that again they had two duis in a suspended license and that they were drinking for four hours with you okay you see what I mean it’s those those are the cases were where we see this rear its ugly head and and it’s a it’s a real thing it’s a real concern the reality is only the folks who are insuring your policy should be driving you so what happens if you do that and the person does have a DUI or doesn’t have a license to get in an accident does your insurance cover that your insurance may cover that again it depends on the facts there may be facts involved that exclude coverage but if it’s negligent entrustment and not something more beyond negligence then typically insurance will cover that if you’ve got insurance on the policy so maybe the rule of thumb should be look my insurance you know I know here when we hire we have to send the license in and they have to check them out before they can drive our vehicles okay to see if there’s anything but it sometimes in order to nose and put yourself in an embarrassing situation just say look I our policy we just don’t do that we just you know I don’t lend my car out didn’t only because insurance reasons practical advice is know who you’re lending your vehicle to and talk to your agent your agent will tell you hey if they’re not an insured on the policy you shouldn’t feel anything to drive at all well that’s what I’m saying I mean it’s difficult when you sit like you said if at the bar and a guy has to say well yeah well now let me call my agent you’re not gonna call your agent okay but the best thing is just saying look you know I sure enjoyed that folks I’m talking to attorney Chris luster from the US law firm it is a lock talk now let me give you some information this is very important folks for those of you who want to know about a lot of the programs and you want to see the whole series go to youtube and download download youtube which you have on smart tvs and just search ssp TV and subscribe on there are all the shows we produce you’ll see lot talk and all the shows that chris is on a lot of information on those shows all right so give you a heads up if you have to call the law firm so it’s youtube and of course our app you just do the same thing start just as PTV and you can if you’re talking to a friend and that is a question about insurance and you forgot we said just go to the app but it’s up all the shows are there it’s fantastic but taking a break we’ll be back right after this [Music] welcome back the law shock folks brought to you by the Slusser law firm remember Slusser law calm five seven zero four five three zero four six three we’re talking about different informations if you just tuned in we talked about full tort get full tort on your insurance and negligent entrustment now we’re gonna talk about scams okay unfortunately they are still there and people are still getting ripped off right we talked a little bit about this in the last show and it was a great conversation and I think the viewers reacted to that so I wanted to bring that back for some more discussion today and one that I’ve recently encountered I had a friend another friend who called my office last week and said Chris I need I need your help trying to recover some some funds and I said well just tell me more about the situation and he said my daughter has been having a difficult time she’s going through some personal issues her credit isn’t the best really needed a small loan to get get by a rough spot which many folks are in that same situation right and that’s what these that’s what these companies prey upon so she found a purported loan company that indicated we’ll give you a $5,000 we don’t care what your credit history is like or what your other situations are making application and we’ll process it makes application they process it and tell her congratulations you’re approved for your $5,000 loan we will require however a four hundred dollar processing fee so she goes to dad dad says no problem helps her with the initial fee and then they get a return letter that says her contact that says thank you for your $400 processing fee but we’ve encountered some other hurdles that we have to get over it’s gonna require an additional four or five hundred dollars this happened two or three more times and before the client said enough is enough they were in $1,500 an application fees for a $5,000 loan came to me and said I knew this didn’t feel right as I was doing it but you know what the seemed legitimate we’ve read we’ve researched them on the internet there they have a site and I reminded him that you know oftentimes these scammers are very sophisticated they they create sites that look legitimate they send you letterhead that looks legitimate but in this case the money wound up being processed through Canada so now it’s internationally deposited and after looking at the information they brought to my office you know all the tell-tale signs were there the letterhead was really poorly done you can tell that this wasn’t you can just tell after seeing these things for a number of years you can kind of spot some of the indicators the letter was referencing US dollars which typically isn’t a reference that our local lenders or our domestic lenders use and they’re in their correspondence and unfortunately advised this client that it is going to be very difficult to recover these funds you know because you know now you’ve got to chase this this money at the canada or wherever else these folks might be even though they had a local address or a domestic address in California and chasing that fifteen hundred dollars is going to cost you exponentially more than the money that you’ve invested you know it’s so easy Chris they they come across so legitimate ya know that you think you know you’re doing something you know good particularly if it’s your daughter and you know how that is but yet you know a person especially online you know the best thing is that you know before you even do something like that is just check them up I mean if they better put a phone call in to you and say look I this is what is happening you would have certainly luck Jim Sam stay away from it baba and the reasons for that you’re you’re right and that’s good practical advice we you know I’m sure we try to focus on what’s the practical message from our shows the practical message here is if it feels trust your gut if something doesn’t seem right as you said call us yeah or call someone who you know in the banking industry to just double check what you’re feeling now once again okay I know when we say call you okay people think you know I’m gonna get charged for this right hey and you know so explain how that works so if I call you and I just saw the show and you know I’m gonna give a call and I’m gonna ask him I saw this okay are they gonna send me a bill it depends on the situation so if often often times I will take client calls or the attorneys will take client calls with simple questions looking for some some simple guidance many times those that guidance is provided or that those answers are provided without without any any cost depending upon what the case is we will oftentimes have a free consultation other cases that require the expenditure of more time will require some consultation I could understand that other words if you have to pursue it a little further but if I’m just asking you is this worth be looking into and then you would say Sam it is but however this is what we have to do and you could explain that yes is I mean that it would be the best fair that’s correct yes there there are so many there are so many scams out there in this you know you know online can be good an online could be bad and they target they target those populations those components of our population that are predisposed right it’s you know it’s it’s the divorcee who’s having bad times and needs a loan or the elderly folks who are maybe susceptible to those calls from the fake IRS agents who say if you don’t send us a thousand dollars now we’re going to arrest you and that’s what makes these these scammers so so deplorable that’s that’s a sad thing so there are actually fake loans than basically okay so be aware all right so now we have personal injury pre-settlement funding so we’re jumping around a little bit but again lending and in this situation these lenders are legitimate and they are credible but okay so you see those ads on TV that say have you been injured are you in litigation do you want money now do you not are you not able to wait until your case settles we’ll give you money in anticipation of the settlement or trial and of your of your case and those are legitimate what consumers sometimes don’t realize though is the the cost of those pre litigation loans again usually the folks who are interested in doing this are folks who kind of need money now for whatever reason they’re out of work and the bills need to still get paid right so this seems like an easy way to get money in the door now the problem is that if you don’t have if you don’t have to do it don’t because the interest that oftentimes accrues on those pre-settlement fundings becomes significant over a period of time and they tell you upfront again these are legitimate companies they tell you upfront that if you settle your claim and repass within the first six months here’s what you owe us or the first year it’s after the first year typically that that number starts to Incline significantly and I just want to make sure that if you’re considering that as a consumer that you do your homework make sure your eyes wide open get the information from the company review with your attorney and make sure you know what the loan is what the pre settlement funding really means as you pay it back as time goes by okay so let me ask you a questions and this always fascinates me I’m in the advertising business as you know and we sell advertising and I noticed that you know my wife and I like to watch some movies and sometimes we’re up to two o’clock or 2:30 you know just enjoying ourselves etc and I see a kind of lawyer commercials on but no not local but I see out-of-town commercials okay and I’m not not I’m knocking so then I think to myself wait a minute so if I see all these things and and they call me now and this and you know and the and who’s four from Virginia if you live that you know Colorado or whatever then I think well all the lawyers we have in our area okay that certainly can and your and your knowing people that you know I mean you’re on television every day they see your billboard they see I mean so there’s a lot of lawyers that are advertising and they know who they are why would I want to go to somebody outside but I’m not saying that they’re not saying they’re not you know but I mean it doesn’t make sense to me and maybe I’m stupid I don’t know no I just really not stupid Sam and I think that you raise a good question right sometimes advertising is like fishing fishing sometimes but the brighter the lure yeah the more fish you catch yes and the reality is is that we have we’ve got incredibly talented lawyers absolutely right here in northeastern Pennsylvania have a close working relationship with the professional who works for you whether it’s your accountant your lawyer your doctor now sometimes there are the situations where you’ve got to seek that specialist and he might not be geographically located close to you before these kinds of cases you know we you don’t need to leave northeastern Pennsylvania I say to myself we could do that with a doctor I mean when you you know you don’t know and half the times you make calls you don’t know you’re talking to it could be a person that you know just you know is trained to do certain things etc I don’t think that’s a wise thing and here again I’m not disparaging any law firm that’s average I’m just saying that we have so many great lawyers in northeastern Pennsylvania that if you have a problem give them a call okay folks I’m talking to your attorney Chris luster this is la Talk you could see it every day here on ssp TV on both channels thirteen or five thirteen and also I mentioned about download duty YouTube subscribe to SSP TV all of the shows we’ve done are on there but all in these series we’ve done with la talk covering a lot of issues are on the youtube as well as our FSSP TV search SSB we’ll be right back after this [Music] well go back to LA chock folks Celeste law firm comm five seven zero four five three zero four six three okay wrap this up we have we talked about scams but primarily the victims mostly are elderly okay oftentimes and and what happens well you know I’ve seen time and time again there as well that when our elderly population is the victim of a scam if it happens to me I’m thinking okay I need to tell somebody about this well they they that population oftentimes doesn’t do that they’re embarrassed because they have been scammed they don’t want to believe that it’s happened they don’t know what to do or who to call so it goes unreported and our elderly viewers need to know that if this happens to you number one don’t be ashamed or embarrassed by it it happens to the best of us and you need to report it you know whether that first step is by talking to your family member your son or daughter your doctor lawyer insurance agent whoever it might be you need to report when this happens because it’s important to ensure that this doesn’t happen anybody else and you might think to yourself well jeez what is reporting this going to do you know what is my one complaint for my $200 loss what’s that going to do is really gonna do anything yes because if you report this to the attorney general’s office or to your local police department hopefully if it’s happening to others they’re gonna report it as well and some action will be taken well here again the elderly that put in these predicaments it’s just a shame I’ve got about two minutes left we opened the show with you know the reason to have full tort and folks if you didn’t get your auto insurance please get it out get the declarations make sure it’s if it says limited tort move it to full tort immediately why Chris because if your limited tort you’re giving up rights you shouldn’t be giving up and if you don’t have uninsured and underinsured protection then you’re not properly they’re adequately insuring yourself or your family in the that driver who hurts you doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your claim and unfortunately Chris there is a lot in northeastern Pennsylvania that do not have insurance and that said it’s always a pleasure saying I learned a lot okay and I’m hoping you folks learn a lot from the show it’s information that’s why it’s called law talk but there’s a lot of things we’ve covered since since chris has been on with law talk and you can get all of those series on the download YouTube just download ssp TV and subscribe and you get all the shows that are there any questions you have on the show five seven four five three zero four six three five seven zero of course and go to his website slash lock on any and closing just looking forward to our next show and it’s been a pleasure it’s always a pleasure we’ll see you next time [Music] you

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